Random words and phrases – Pondus inspired

I har ikke skrevet anything for a while, so whilst I read the new edition of Pondus I figured I might as well note a few nice ord and phrases I stumble across. I’ll also mention a few day-to-day things that I’ve come across that may be nyttig. Oh, and of course be a bit forsiktig with the “Pondus ord” because many of them are of course quite “slangy”!

  • Det står ingenting på denne lappen – There is nothing on this ticket
  • Overbevist – Satisfied
  • Vellykket – Successful
  • Du er nødt til å… – You really have to…
  • Ta en blund – Take a nap
  • Kan jeg få en sånn – May I have one of those/these? (Whilst pointing at something)
  • Kjempeflaks – Really lucky
  • Kollisjonsputer – Airbags
  • Jeg må tidlig opp – I have to be up early
  • Litt skuffa – A bit disappointed
  • Vidunderlig – Wonderful
  • Jeg er lei av… – I’m sick of…
  • Jeg vil du skal… – I would like you to…
  • Åpenbart – Obviously
  • Ødelegge – Destroy
  • Takk og lov! – Thank goodness!

*vis words that I like:

  • Sannsynligvis – Probably
  • Tilfeldigvis – Accidentally
  • Forhåpentligvis – Hopefully
  • Heldigvis – Luckily

* P.s. When I write på engelsk I am borrowing a format that I really like, used by Kari in her Norwegian blog. I urge you to subscribe to that one too!

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  1. Cecilie on February 15th, 2010

    I think I would probably translate Overbevist with convinced. That is more correct than satisfied, although that will work in some scenarios – I think.

    I am convinced that you will like the book I bought you.
    Jeg er overbevist om at du vil like boka jeg har kjøpt til deg.

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