Redpill Linpro and Varnish software, Gold sponsors of Symfony Live (Paris) 2011


As a Symfony user and contributor for several years, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the company I work for Redpill Linpro along with sister company Varnish Software have agreed to be gold sponsors of the Symfony Live conference in Paris (March 2011).

As a company we have benefited from the Symfony framework in many ways including:

  • Rapid development
  • Consistency (easy to bring team members in and out)
  • Community support
  • Great documentation

And given back by providing time for our developers to:

  • File bug reports
  • Submit patches
  • Develop plugins
  • Help other users (particularly in IRC and the Symfony Forum)
  • Update the documentation

By agreeing to gold sponsorship we are now also making a small financial contribution to the project, whilst at the same time giving ourselves a chance to become more known in the Symfony world, especially with Symfony2 just around the corner and its great support for Varnish!

Brief history of the companies

Until recently, Redpill and Linpro were two separate companies, and the work done by Varnish Software was a part of Linpro. In 2008, Linpro and Redpill merged to form Redpill Linpro, and in 2010 Varnish Software broke away to form a “daughter” company and concentrate on the Varnish cache. Confused?

The most important thing is that all of the companies involved are dedicated to open source, you can read more about Redpill Linpro and Varnish Software on their respective web sites.

Employment Opportunities for Symfony developers in “the North”

If you are looking for a company to work for with a strong PHP team, and either already live in or are considering a move to “the Nordic region┬╣” please get in touch. We also have opportunities for Java developers and various other posts related to Open Source technologies, and if we don’t have a specific post for you but you are a skilled open source enthusiast, we are also interested in your CV – who knows, we might be able to create one for you.

┬╣We have offices in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, the bulk of Symfony operations are presently in Oslo.

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