Random words and phrases – Pondus inspired

I har ikke skrevet anything for a while, so whilst I read the new edition of Pondus I figured I might as well note a few nice ord and phrases I stumble across. I’ll also mention a few day-to-day things that I’ve come across that may be nyttig. Oh, and of course be a bit forsiktig with the “Pondus ord” because many of them are of course quite “slangy”!

  • Det står ingenting på denne lappen – There is nothing on this ticket
  • Overbevist – Satisfied
  • Vellykket – Successful
  • Du er nødt til å… – You really have to…
  • Ta en blund – Take a nap
  • Kan jeg få en sånn – May I have one of those/these? (Whilst pointing at something)
  • Kjempeflaks – Really lucky
  • Kollisjonsputer – Airbags
  • Jeg må tidlig opp – I have to be up early
  • Litt skuffa – A bit disappointed
  • Vidunderlig – Wonderful
  • Jeg er lei av… – I’m sick of…
  • Jeg vil du skal… – I would like you to…
  • Åpenbart – Obviously
  • Ødelegge – Destroy
  • Takk og lov! – Thank goodness!

*vis words that I like:

  • Sannsynligvis – Probably
  • Tilfeldigvis – Accidentally
  • Forhåpentligvis – Hopefully
  • Heldigvis – Luckily

* P.s. When I write på engelsk I am borrowing a format that I really like, used by Kari in her Norwegian blog. I urge you to subscribe to that one too!

Russ is short for Russell… or is it?

Even before I came to Norway, I knew that I would have problems with my name because in recent years I’ve decided to use the shortened version (Russ) rather than it’s true form (Russell). Every time people ask my name, it takes a few tries to convince them that yes, I am named after the end of year student celebrations that take place every year in Norway!

In fact, I applied for a job for the Norwegian “Russ service” web service (russ.no) which would have been pretty cool, as then I would have been russ@russ.no

Anyway, the reason I started writing this was because of the Russ is not short for Russell blog post which I’ve just read, do take a look and think of how it is for me and my name during this time of celebration and chaos.

Procrastination – Hedgewars makes it easy

What’s it all about?

It wasn’t so long ago (well, a little over a year) that I fully embraced Linux as an operating system, at least on my work PC. I remember one of the main reasons I was sticking with Windows was the relatively poor support for the market leading games.

A few months ago I was introduced to Hedgewars, in my opinion the best open source “Worms style” game out there – and I can honestly say that nowadays I am playing it much more than any of my “high end” games! I was a massive fan of the Worms series of games a few years ago, I’m pretty sure I haven’t come across addictive multi-player gameplay so good. Here are some of the reasons:

  • It’s free. Yup, it costs zero. Thus it’s not that difficult to get friends to join in, even the stingy ones.
  • It works on lots of platforms (Win, *nix, Mac), and doesn’t need a top end pc to run. It just works.
  • It’s bloody good fun, and the game mechanics are extremely close to the original Worms game, and when things aren’t quite right…
  • … they are fixed. The game is actively developing at a rapid pace – bugs are fixed fast and the team behind it are constantly adding maps, weapons and game features.
  • It’s an open source project – one of the reasons it made it onto this blog.  Nobody is trying to profit from this game, like all open source projects this one just thrives on participation. Play, contribute, distribute, discuss – whatever you do it keeps the spirit of  “free software” alive.

Come and have a go if you think you’re hard enough

Download the game and come and find us! I’m Rooster, commonly playing with a team called “monkeys”. Also look out for zegenie and his Star Wars and our suicidal Icelandic friend Bjori with his team of “special” hedgehogs. We tend to have a game around lunch time (we have work to do as well you know!) and sometimes later in the day if we’re working late. Pop into the Hedgewars channel on Freenode (IRC) and give us a shout if you fancy it.

What makes people click?

Last week I added Google analytics to elephpants.com just to see what kind of a response it would get.

The site has no content, other than a lovely picture of Elefina, and as far as I know it’s only linked from this blog, although I only added that link a couple of days ago.

Already the site has had hits from Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), the US (Mountain View, California) and Germany (Bonn).

Google analytics tells me that one person came as a click from this site, and three from Google after a search for “Elephpants” – which kinda makes sense.

If you are responsible for any of those clicks, please do let me know – as I am intrigued as to what makes people “click”.

2009 – Marathons and midnight suns, catching up on lost time?

Feeling sorry for myself

Next year I turn 30, and with that I look back at my 20s and wonder about all the promises, hopes and goals I had set myself. What were they? Did I achieve any of them? Are they too late to salvage?

All in all, I’m in a good place now – despite the Irritible Bowel Syndrome which has set new eating challenges for me, and cooking challenges for my better half, I am fit and healthy. I am in a well paid job that I enjoy, I live in a beautiful country with new and exciting adventures, I have embraced new sports (volleyball, skiing, snowboarding) and my technical development is on a rapid upward slope.

However, and here’s the thing… What happened to all the dreams about climbing E10s, winning orienteering competitions, completing marathons in under 3 hours, being as fit and strong as I can be? The truth is, I slacked off. My strongest climbing years were over 5 years ago – at the time I thought I was on the up, but really I was hitting the peak (excuse the pun).  My best running was over 2 years ago – again, I thought it was the start of my climb to triathlons, marathons, ultra-marathons, iron man! In reality it was the best I could do without much effort – and my lack of effort since has of course meant that if anything I’ve become worse.

The year of the runner

It’s time to “catch up”.

After 6 years of trying, I have my guaranteed place for the Flora London Marathon, and if I’m training for that, why not a few more? So here’s the list so far:

I’ll come right out now and say that I’m hoping for good results – I don’t just want to get round these races, I would like to be hitting 1:45 or less for the half marathons and 3:40 for the full ones – although with the crowds and atmosphere at the FLM I think I’ll be happy with anything under 4:00. Silverstone will be the marker – it will decide my pace for the races to come. Depending how the training goes in the next couple of months, I hope these targets get even lower.

So if you see a very tall, thin shape pounding the streets of Oslo in the near future wearing some ridiculous streamlined, dayglo running gear – that will hopefully be me. If you don’t, please feel free to kick me, spam me, throw things at me and remind me that if I don’t train, I’m a loser.

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